Transforming Urban Landscapes: Podcast


Christina Harden: Transforming Urban Landscapes – From Warehouse Districts to Midtown Tampa’s Bustling Oasis and Central Florida’s Growth Potential

What if your city could transform from a landscape of warehouses into a bustling urban oasis? Join us as we sit down with Christina Harden, the General Manager of Midtown Tampa, who has been instrumental in turning this vision into reality. From her early days with the Bromley Companies in 2010 to overseeing the remarkable development of Midtown Tampa, Christina shares her journey and the vibrant life that this 23-acre mixed-use area now supports. With 390 apartments at a 94% occupancy rate, extensive retail spaces, and fully leased office buildings, Midtown Tampa is a thriving community that epitomizes the best of urban living.

In this episode, we explore the future of Central Florida’s urban development, particularly the potential growth of the Tampa, Ocala, and Orlando areas into a cohesive metropolitan region. Christina highlights the lifestyle-oriented community of Midtown Tampa, which offers free health and wellness activities like yoga and mommy-and-me exercise classes. Catering primarily to young professionals and child-free couples, Midtown Tampa provides exclusive amenities such as dedicated parking and direct access to Whole Foods, making it an ideal location for those seeking an active and convenient urban lifestyle. Tune in to discover how Midtown Tampa is setting a new standard for city living and what it means for the future of urban development in Central Florida.

On 23 acres, the award-winning $1 billion Midtown Tampa is the first mixed-use project of its kind in Tampa, and the catalyst for an entirely new district connecting Westshore and downtown Tampa.

Midtown Tampa will deliver 1.8 million square feet of retail and residential space, including 200,000 square feet of Class A office in the first phase, plus entertainment and hospitality to the surrounding neighborhood and entire Tampa Bay region.