Public Art

Discover the colorful masterpieces that represent our dynamic energy. From global artists to local designers, these iconic pieces offer the perfect backdrop for any photo.

Artist: Okuda San Miguel


The large-scale sculpture installation commissioned from internationally acclaimed Okuda San Miguel reflects Tampa and the surrounding environment.

Medium: Sculpture
Location: Midtown Commons

Artist: Punkmetender

“Letting Loose”

Inspired by the freedom, spirit, and beauty they represent, you will find LA artist Punkmetender’s three-dimensional butterflies throughout Midtown Tampa.

Medium: Aluminum, Hand-Painted Sculpture
Location: Waterview Parking Garage

Artist: Trav Msk


Located outside of Tampa’s first dual-branded hotel, Trav MSK has paid homage to the craftsmanship of an older generation while embracing current technology through a large one-of-a-kind mural.

Medium: Street Mural, Collage
Location: Gramercy Lane & Bromley Grand Ave

Artist: Illsol


Tampa-based husband-and-wife duo Illsol bring patterns and wild plums to life poolside at the aloft hotel.

Medium: Handpainted Mural
Location: Rooftop Poolside At Aloft Hotel

Artist: Ben Johnston


Ben Johnston is a multi-disciplinary creative known for his bold text-based murals and fine art pieces. He challenges traditional notions of the relationship between language and image, inviting viewers to engage with the complexities of the contemporary world in new ways. 

Medium: Street Mural
Location: Midtown Drive