Thank you for choosing Midtown Tampa as your destination for shopping, food and entertainment. It is  our desire to provide you with an enjoyable experience. We ask our guests to conduct themselves in a  respectful way in accordance with Midtown Tampa Rules & Regulations and all laws and local  ordinances.

Midtown Tampa specifically prohibits the followings: 

  • Loitering, blocking of storefronts, or exits. 
  • Skateboarding, rollerblading, roller-skating, or use of Segways, Segway boards, or other  hands-free mobility devices is not permitted on sidewalks or in roadways. Bicycles and motorized vehicles must stay on designated roadways. 
  • No other golf carts beyond Midtown Tampa Association or affiliates are allowed on the  property unless they are street legal. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Pets must be on a leash and may not be left unattended. Pet owners should ensure pets  use natural landscaped areas and are expected to clean up after their pets at all times.
  • Art pieces are for viewing and appreciation only, not for climbing or touching.
  • Leaving bicycles, scooters, or other mobilized items on property outside their  designated areas. 
  • Inappropriate behaviors, vandalism, use of any property in an improper or unsafe  manner, or any unacceptable conduct on the premises will be grounds for ejection.
  • Loud, boisterous behavior, obscene language, hate speech, offensive language, and  gestures will not be permitted. 
  • All alcohol consumption in common areas must be purchased onsite and in a Midtown  Tampa branded cup. 
  • No coolers are allowed in Midtown Commons. 
  • Protests, solicitation, political gatherings, or petitions are prohibited.
  • Unless required to carry such a weapon, no weapons are allowed at Midtown Tampa.
  • Smoking or vaping anywhere in Midtown Tampa is not allowed. 
  • No photography or videography of any commercial use without Midtown Tampa Management approval. Video is acceptable for non-commercial and non-disruptive purposes. 
  • Midtown Tampa is not responsible for any loss or damage that might be sustained by any vehicle while on these premises. Vehicles parked here are done so at the vehicle owner’s own risk. 
  • No fireworks or any explosives within Midtown Tampa.

Please feel free to contact the Management team if you have any questions or submit an inquiry form from on our Visit page.