Megaprojects Are Preparing to Face the New Normal

By Laura Calugar

Delivering large-scale, complex construction projects is never an easy task. Delays and budget overruns are quite common, but adding a pandemic to the mix makes things even more complicated. During the last six months, developers have not only had to abide by local regulations, tackle supply chain disruptions and ensure the safety of all workers but also make sure their projects will still fit a post-pandemic world. Altering projects of immense proportions is always difficult and having to do it during the construction process can be problematic.

In Tampa, Fla., for example, Bromley Cos. is working around the clock to complete a $500 million urban development before the February 2021 Super Bowl. Midtown Tampa is set to encompass 1.8 million square feet of retail, residential, hospitality, entertainment and office space. Eleven buildings are rising at the same time. The developer has envisioned a small city from the ground up, so any change made to a project of this scale is a challenge.

“We have made a number of adjustments that we think will make buildings even more attractive to users. For example, in the 70,000-square-foot Loft—a boutique office building—we have introduced touchless lobby/elevator features, an ultraviolet system to kill pathogens in the ductwork and antimicrobial paint on stairway walls. We also redesigned restrooms to have all touchless fixtures,” Bromley Cos. CEO Nick Haines told Commercial Property Executive.